The ultimate guide to mobile slots

When slots were first invented in 1887 the gambling industry took a gigantic step forward. Who would have though that over 100 years later people would have taken this age old form of gambling and made into a truly mobile experience. The likes of IGT, Net Entertainment, Shetiff, and Bally’s have taken the world of slots to an entirely new level, while Leo Vegas has gathered them all in one place for your playing convenience. Odds are you have been playing slots online for sometime, with mobile slot games being rather uninspiring until recently. The following takes an in-depth look at the world of mobile slots and what you can expect from them in 2015.

How do mobile slots work?

There is a myth that mobile slots sacrifice playability in order to function correctly, but such information isn’t quite true. Mobile slots play almost exactly the same way as they would on a full web browser as long as you are using compatible equipment. You can expect the same animations and same game function, along with every other function that makes online slots what they are today.

Who are the major developers when it comes to mobile slots?

Online slots have been a revelation without the world of gambling, with this only cemented by the fact that they have moved forward with the times. There are many developers who stand behind the world of mobile slots, consistently creating new games and pushing through new ideas. There are currently three names leading the charge when it comes to mobile slots, so if you aren’t playing a game that is developed by NetEnt, MicroGaming, or Sheriff Gaming then you are playing the wrong games.

How can I get started?

Getting started when it comes to mobile slots couldn’t be any easier. First off load up your mobile device or tablet and select your preferred browser. From there, you can read a LeoVegas review and look for cool casino bonus deals at After getting to grips with what Leo Vegas is bringing to the table, logon to the Leo Vegas online casino, input your information to register, make your first deposit to claim your bonus, and you’ll be off and running.

What are the top mobile slot games?

This is a hard question to answer given that brand new titles are being launched around the world every single day. Looking at the playing and payout figures alone, there are 3 titles in particular on Leo Vegas that you should be aware of. Starburst ranks as probably the most popular mobile slots game ever created and that hasn’t happened by chance alone. It is a simple game that only has a couple of pay-lines and quite frankly little to no features, yet it is its unique gaming experience that allows players to win and has had many players hooked for years. Hot on the tails of Starburst is Magic Portals, a relatively new mobile slot game and the pick of the bunch when it comes to NetEnt releases. The game utilises an unorthodox concept where wild symbols are in fact portals that both further and lengthen the game experience. Rounding out the top three mobile slots games is Gold Rally. Yes, it is old by today’s standards, but this PlayTech game still holds the record for the largest mobile slot progressive jackpot ever paid out, with the figure topping £200,000, that in itself is a reason to give Gold Rally a go.

Free Spins – An Asset to Online Gamers

If you’re new to the world of online gaming, you need to do everything you can to kick start your experience. You can do this by taking advantage of free spins. So how exactly does a free spin work? All in all, free spins allow players to try out a variety of games without actually making a deposit. They instead use the casino’s money to play online.

Free spins allow players to indulge in a number of online games risk-free. Such a style of gaming allows budding gamers to learn the ropes of a new game, whilst also getting a feel for the venue. When you feel confident in game play, only then should you think about placing a bet with your own money.

Asides from practising games using free spins, it’s important to have a budget in mind – especially once you decide to play with your own money. To take advantage of these free spins, you must register with your chosen casino – this usually takes a matter of minutes.

With so many games to choose from today, it can be difficult to know which ones to try. This is when free spins come in handy. To find out more about free spins and other online promotions, why not visit a casino portal. We love reading the free spins no deposit news at, as they give daily updates on the latest deals. Casino portals are an asset to players, especially those who are new to the gaming world. They also offer an advantage to pro players looking to try a game they may have never played before, such as a new release.

In order to utilise these free spins, you must begin by signing up to a casino. Registering at an online casino takes a matter of minutes and is something that is extremely easy to do. Once signed up, you’ll be able to sign in as and when you please – even on the go!

Technology is altering the way we game in many ways. In fact, online gaming is becoming one of the most accessible forms of entertainment to date. This fun, fast-paced pastime can be accessed on the move using the likes of a mobile phone or a tablet.

Playing online is certainly one way to engage with other players on a similar wavelength, especially as today’s virtual platforms boast a series of social aspects. Such social features allow players to interact with one and other, just as they would in a land based casino. However, when playing online, gamers don’t need to queue for a table, nor do they have to dress in a certain way – in fact, they can play from the comfort of their own home at any time they please. Those with smartphones and tablets can even play on the go providing they have an active Internet connection – many online gaming platforms even allow members to log on using an app. Once you have your log on details, it takes less than a few seconds to log in – regardless of where you are. Gaming is now an easily accessible platform in which to wile away the hours.

As the online gaming world expands, so do gamer’s prospects. Aside from playing for fun alone, those with skill can win a great deal of money when playing online. Free spins are a good way to learn how to play a number of games and also, a great way to see which games your skills are suited to you. It’s always a good idea to use free spins to play slots at least a few times before placing a cash wager – especially if you’ve never played a certain game before.

Does JoyCasino deliver a joyful online casino experience?

If you want to gamble online these days, you will have plenty of places to part with your money. You can practically partake in a bit of gambling anywhere and everywhere in 2016. 1000s of online casino brands now exist, with every single one of them looking to secure your business. But you would be foolish to think that every single online casino name you come across will provide you with the same gaming experience. On the contrary, the level of quality between online casinos is often extremely vast. For example, an online casino from the far outskirts of Russia isn’t going deliver the same experience as a large mainstream British online casino. Making an impact as far a reputable play is concerned is JoyCasino, a name that is fresh, new and becoming an online casino portal mainstay.

Available in 13 different languages and backed by the Curacao government, JoyCasino is a name that certainly has wide ranging appeal. But for all the positives, does it deliver the joyful casino experience it often promises? In this article we’ll take a look if JoyCasino can live up to the hype that and other leading portals have created around the casino.

Providing Virtual Joy

What jumps out at JoyCasino immediately is the sheer amount of games they offer. They certainly don’t hold back when it comes to rolling out a stellar selection of titles. The key name that stands behind the JoyCasino product is NetEnt, which tells the story of the quality found here. No joke in any aspect, if you are an online casino player who loves the reels, then you are going to love what you will find at JoyCasino. Mega-names such as Twin Spin, Steam Tower, Aliens, Wild Water, Jack Hammer, Jack Hammer II, Starburst, and Spinata Grande are spotlighted, but JoyCasino is more than just a slots powerhouse. Keeping traditional players happy, JoyCasino invests heavily in both table games and video poker. Countless Blackjack variations, several roulette variants, a dash of table poker, and some key video poker options, all help make JoyCasino the total online casino package. Whether you want something different, something new age, or something traditional, JoyCasino can deliver it.

Live and Alive

JoyCasino have also recently taken the step to introduce live casino games into the fold, a move that is generating plenty of buzz. The two game formats that JoyCasino have invested heavy interest into are live blackjack and live roulette, which is proven by the level variety they offer up in both game types. They also offer up plenty of game customisation options too for those that wish to tailor the playing experience. Live casino gaming represents the future of the industry, so it is great to see that JoyCasino back it so proudly.

Ensuring Joy

Making sure that a player is guaranteed joy when they play at JoyCasino, they have backed the product offering with a world-class customer support system. Invoking live chat functions, players can receive 24/7 help, through multiple different languages. Those who have bigger questions can also email the JoyCasino support team in order to access help. Security is another matter that will impress JoyCasino players. Using a Go Daddy backed SSL encryption, every inch of the JoyCasino website is under lock and key to intruders, meaning protection and safe play is guaranteed.

Joy Guaranteed

There is no other way to summarise it, JoyCasino is going to be an industry game changer. Compiling what looks to be a seriously impressive online casino package, players around the world are signing the praises of JoyCasino and soon enough you will be too.

The biggest online blackjack mistakes revealed

Online blackjack is one of those games that is easy play but hard to master, or at least that is what many people would have you believe. The reality of the situation is that online and live dealer blackjack can be a successful venture should you know what mistakes to side step. Thankfully, figuring out what mistakes to avoid isn’t a mystery anymore, as this article is about to spell them out clearly.

Mistake No. 1 – Not understanding the rules of play

When I see this happen it drives me crazy. The moment you decide to log-on to an online casino and put your money down at the virtual blackjack table, ask yourself if you really understand what you’re doing. This mistake is actually made up of two parts. Firstly, a player needs to know the basic rules of the game first and foremost (you can learn most of them through While not every blackjack game carries the same rules, you must know the basic rules in general before you part with your money. Secondly, many blackjack games differ in everything from payout to dealer rules, which can throw a spammer in the works of your game plan. Remember, if you don’t know the rules of the blackjack variation in front of you it is advised that you don’t play it.

Mistake No. 2 – Ill discipline

It happens to the very best players from time to time, but it pays to keep it under control. Getting caught up in the moment and losing your cool leads to foolish errors that can prove financially costly. You may be asking what leads to ill discipline at the blackjack table in the first place, the answer is simple, it is almost always emotion. Whether it is the excitement of victory or the sadness of defeat, emotions lead to loss of focus and eventually ill discipline. You need to learn to take emotion out of the equation when you play and keep focus on odds, statistics, and strategy. Want to avoid ill discipline? Make sure you check your emotions before the cards are dealt.

Mistake No. 3 – Not Using a Playing Strategy

I’ll put it simply, if you only play on hunches you are simply playing to lose. There is absolutely no excuse to not use at least the basic blackjack playing strategy when you play online blackjack in 2015. The basis of the technique can be found within various books and can help you reduce the house edge tenfold. When you play online blackjack through hunches and random acts alone, the house edge is over 1%, when you play with basic strategy it is around 0.5%, need I say more?

Mistake No. 4 – Always Aiming for 21

Is it arrogance? Is it perfectionism? When I see players who become obsessed with hitting 21 every single hand, I simply call it foolishness. The key number in the game of blackjack is 21, but that isn’t actually the aim of the game. While hitting 21 on every hand would be nice, it isn’t going to happen. With each hand you should simply aim to work the odds and beat the dealer. Next time you play blackjack don’t become obsessed with 21, accept that it is a duel between you and the dealer, and play the cards on the table and nothing more.

Want to play blackjack online successfully? Want to be a winner more often than not? Want to increase your bankroll in the process? Then you need to pay attention to the above. Play with focus, play with strategy, and play the dealer, and you’ll find yourself winning at blackjack more often than not.

What should I look for in a casino bonus?

On the surface casino bonuses look like they offer an unbelievable deal through “free money” and the chance to turn it into more through various casino games. But when it comes to casino bonuses all may not be what it originally seems. The following details exactly what you should be looking for in a casino bonus in order to get value for money.

First off you will want to make sure that the casino bonus you opt for has fair wagering requirements. What is meant be this is that many online casinos offer you free funds or free spins under set wagering conditions, that instigate that you must bet the bonus funds you receive a set number of times in order to game access to it for withdrawal. If you can find a casino bonus that doesn’t have any wagering requirements attached to it then great, but if not you’ll want to pay attention to the following example. If your online casino offers you a 100% matched first deposit bonus and you deposit £20, then you will receive £20 in additional “free money”. These funds however will need to adhere to a wagering requirement, which if it is 20x, you will have to turnover this amount 20x in order to cash it out.

When you look at wagering requirements you are going to need to decide what is important to you. If you are someone who looks towards the big bets and even bigger payouts, then you are probably going to be on the lookout for a casino bonus that will keep you playing for as long as possible. In such instance a high wagering requirement isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because you are in a financial position where you can afford to keep playing. Those who don’t quite fit into the high roller category should make it a rule to stick to wagering requirements that come in at 30x or less.

In reality the wagering requirements of a casino bonus are easy to get to grips with, it is the hidden terms and conditions that tends to sting people. Casino bonuses come with withdrawal requirements, which will mean different things to different players. For example, if you somehow manage to hit the jackpot and win £200,000 with your bonus, is the withdrawal limit for the bonus is only £400, that’s all you are going to get. Remember, if you want to win big you’ll want a withdrawal limit that can match those ambitions.

If you thought the casino bonus tricks would stop with the above you’d be wrong. Some casinos will only let you wear down your wagering requirements in minuscule percentages through the more popular casino games. They do this to push you towards riskier games and those that don’t carry a low house edge. It is all to make sure that you can’t clear your wagering requirements quickly. Another thing that is becoming more and more common within online casino bonuses is the “play now, get tomorrow” approach. This means you have to deposit, bet, and then wait, with many online casinos hoping that you forget about any bonus you are entitled to.

If you want to know what to look for in a casino bonus, this article should have made it crystal clear. Online casino’s don’t want you walking away with any money off the back of a bonus, so you must try to find conditions that reduce the house’s ability to do this. When looking for a casino online, first checkout a casino portal, then aim for a bonus that has low wagering requirements, high withdrawal conditions, and you can’t go far wrong.

Why I love Casumo online casino

It happens to every online gambler at one point or another, you get bored with what’s being presented to you. So many online casinos make it a case that if you want to play online you have to play their way. Repetitive games, repetitive promotions and an all round repetitive experience. I was close to throwing in the towel, that was until I found Casumo. You may be asking what makes Casumo so special on the grand scheme of things and how can a NetEnt exclusive casino possibly offer a new experience. The answer to that is all in the tagline, they provide people with a “casino adventure”.

What is a casino adventure I hear you ask? Well it is a casino experience unlike anything you’ve probably seen before. When you play on a regular online casino everything has a “quick fix” outlook to it, Casumo presents things differently. Playing games doesn’t always result in immediate cash; you work through a slow build setup, earning medals and trophies through achievements and goals instead. If you have ever played an MMO video game this set-up will be familiar. For example, should you spin on a certain slot game 100 times, you’ll receive a medal. The more medals and trophies you earn the more on onsite rewards you’ll be entitled to. It is a unique way to operate and something I had a lot of fun with.

The game starts like any other online game, you start at level 1 and through different challenges and goals you move on up. Each time you reach a new level, much like I did, you will receive a special gift that is usually free spins on a set slot game. These slots aren’t time capped either, I chose to save them up, but if you want to play them immediately you can do so. It is such an entertaining way of gambling, it also helps that the Casumo website extremely responsive as well, as this casino online has a really good flow to it.

Personally, I wasn’t as much of a fan of the sign-up bonus setup that Casumo provide. It’s actually a fairly hit and miss affair, that even though a good idea on paper still hasn’t been set up the right way. The bonuses offered change so frequently and actually change from country to country, so it makes a good one hard to pin down. When I signed up I got a 50% matched bonus on my £50 deposit, but there is little to no guarantee that you will get this. The idea for separate bonus types for separate countries is clever, but I feel it needs some fleshing out in order to be truly successful.

On the surface it looks like Casumo doesn’t take themselves all that seriously, but when it comes to money you can rest easy knowing that they do. Customer support is fast and responsive through both email and 24/7 live chat and cash withdrawals through eWallets are just as quick. For example, I made a withdrawal request on Monday night and it was in my Skrill account by first thing Tuesday morning. I found that a bank transfer took a little longer, but I don’t think that does much to take away from the overall Casumo experience, as it is still very easy to move money around.

I’ve been playing through Casumo regularly over the past several months and have to say I have fallen in love with this casino. Collecting medals and playing with a major goal in mind is such a refreshing experience, as it has allowed me to leave traditional quick fix gambling behind. If you want a fresh online casino experience, I recommended you sign up to Casumo sooner rather than later.

Casino Bonuses Explained

To encourage gamers to try out new games and sign up to new casino sites, the majority of today’s online gaming venues offer players no deposit bonuses. Such bonuses allow players to try out the casino in question without having to deposit any of their own cash into their accounts. This risk-free method is an asset to all; especially new players that wish to try out real money casino games without having to actually spend a penny of their own money.

The types of bonuses available

Casino bonuses are in plentiful supply today, in fact, they’re available at almost every online venue going. Here we will briefly outline the different types of bonuses on the market in order to help you get a better understanding of each one.

All bonuses will have a play through requirement, which basically means players must deposit a little of their own money or at least register at the site prior to actually being able to withdraw any winnings. Without this, they’d never make any money, which means players would lose out on winning big jackpots!

If you’re unsure of how much you’re going to gain from a certain bonus offer, you can always use the likes of a free online casino bonus calculator to determine the required amount of bets.

The simplest of all the bonuses

No deposit bonuses are extremely popular with new players, as the player in question doesn’t actually have to part with any of their own money in order to commence game play. This particular bonus is a simple and effective method, used by those who wish to get a feel for a certain site or game. In order to use no deposit bonuses, simply sign up at your chosen site and the free money will be deposited into your new account. Sometimes you will need to claim your credit using a promotional code. Certain casinos will also put a limit on how many times you can use this bonus, so it’s important to understand how it works before you actually sign up to the casino. At and other portals you have a great opportunity to pick up exclusive deposit bonuses at popular casinos such as ComeOn.

Match bonus

When new players make a deposit at a casino, they will often be awarded with something called a ‘match bonus’. This basically means the casino will match the amount you deposit. This is a great way to increase an otherwise low bankroll and is an incentive to sign up to a certain site. An example of this would be to deposit £50 into a new online casino account; the casino will also deposit £50 into this account, meaning you have a total of £100 to play with.

Sticky bonus

A sticky bonus allows players to play for free with the casinos money, they won’t however be allowed to withdraw this money. Once a player reaches the play through requirement, they will only be entitled to winnings that exceed the initial bonus amount. Upon withdrawing money from this account, the bonus money will be removed. This particular bonus, especially when offered by a generous casino, will greatly increase the player’s bankroll, giving them a much healthier payout ratio for when they hit the big jackpots.

Exclusive bonuses

Just as the name suggests, an exclusive bonus is reserved for exclusive, loyal players. These bonuses are sometimes called VIP bonuses and awarded to players who have spent a certain number of hours playing at the casino. Loyalty bonuses are similar in style and awarded to player’s who have achieved a definite skill status. Such player’s must meet a certain requirement to qualify for these bonuses.

A Guide to Finding the Best Casino

 With so many online gaming venues at our disposal, online players need all of the help they can get when it comes to choosing the right venue. From picking somewhere that features all of the latest games to choosing a safe site, a little research goes a long way.

Help is at hand

Thankfully, there are a number of places we can look to when it comes to reading up on the latest game releases and casino reviews. Casino portals boast a hub of information – featuring everything from gaming strategies to information on the latest online gaming venues. Prior to signing up to a casino, it’s always a good idea to check out a casino portal first.

What is a casino portal?

A casino portal is a huge help to online gamers – especially those searching for a one-stop destination that covers news on all of the latest casino games as well as in-depth knowledge on the actual casinos themselves. After all, there’s little use signing up to a casino quite simply because it features your favourite games, you need to sign up to somewhere that has the entire package.

Knowing everything you need to know

A good casino portal will cover everything from new releases to bonuses, promotions and even the different types of cash out options available. You’ll also find information covering the reputations of various casinos, the security offered at the venue, the software in use, how good the visuals are and whether or not they have a good customer service history.

Choosing the best places to play

Choosing the best online casinos to play at is now a much easier task than ever before, this mainly comes down to the many reviews featured on casino portals. From looking into the safety of the site to checking out the games available, you’ll find all you need to know and more here. This information is extremely useful to new players who haven’t yet experienced the excitement of the online gaming industry and wish to learn more prior to signing up to an online gaming platform.

A social site

Asides from offering information on everything casino-related you can imagine, online casino portals act as social platforms to a number of players. It is here avid gamers can swap tips and tricks and leave their own reviews. You may even find tips from professional players, which are guaranteed to help you become successful. Whether you choose to chat to people in your own neighbourhood or farther afield, casino portals boast a community of likeminded individuals, all willing to offer their own experiences of online gaming.

Casino portals have turned online gaming into an entire experience. Asides from enjoying casino games alone, you can now discuss pros and cons with fellow gaming fanatics, choose the best casinos based on reliable reviews and even write your own appraisals!

Casino portals are now the go-to reference points for a number of online players and cover a host of helpful topics. If you’re a newbie, it’s highly recommended that you visit a casino portal prior to signing up to an actual casino – this way you’re certain to find a platform that has been designed with your exact gaming requirements in mind. Reading up on various reviews is also a good way to guarantee you sign up to a safe and secure site.