Why I love Casumo online casino

It happens to every online gambler at one point or another, you get bored with what’s being presented to you. So many online casinos make it a case that if you want to play online you have to play their way. Repetitive games, repetitive promotions and an all round repetitive experience. I was close to throwing in the towel, that was until I found Casumo. You may be asking what makes Casumo so special on the grand scheme of things and how can a NetEnt exclusive casino possibly offer a new experience. The answer to that is all in the tagline, they provide people with a “casino adventure”.

What is a casino adventure I hear you ask? Well it is a casino experience unlike anything you’ve probably seen before. When you play on a regular online casino everything has a “quick fix” outlook to it, Casumo presents things differently. Playing games doesn’t always result in immediate cash; you work through a slow build setup, earning medals and trophies through achievements and goals instead. If you have ever played an MMO video game this set-up will be familiar. For example, should you spin on a certain slot game 100 times, you’ll receive a medal. The more medals and trophies you earn the more on onsite rewards you’ll be entitled to. It is a unique way to operate and something I had a lot of fun with.

The game starts like any other online game, you start at level 1 and through different challenges and goals you move on up. Each time you reach a new level, much like I did, you will receive a special gift that is usually free spins on a set slot game. These slots aren’t time capped either, I chose to save them up, but if you want to play them immediately you can do so. It is such an entertaining way of gambling, it also helps that the Casumo website extremely responsive as well, as this casino online has a really good flow to it.

Personally, I wasn’t as much of a fan of the sign-up bonus setup that Casumo provide. It’s actually a fairly hit and miss affair, that even though a good idea on paper still hasn’t been set up the right way. The bonuses offered change so frequently and actually change from country to country, so it makes a good one hard to pin down. When I signed up I got a 50% matched bonus on my £50 deposit, but there is little to no guarantee that you will get this. The idea for separate bonus types for separate countries is clever, but I feel it needs some fleshing out in order to be truly successful.

On the surface it looks like Casumo doesn’t take themselves all that seriously, but when it comes to money you can rest easy knowing that they do. Customer support is fast and responsive through both email and 24/7 live chat and cash withdrawals through eWallets are just as quick. For example, I made a withdrawal request on Monday night and it was in my Skrill account by first thing Tuesday morning. I found that a bank transfer took a little longer, but I don’t think that does much to take away from the overall Casumo experience, as it is still very easy to move money around.

I’ve been playing through Casumo regularly over the past several months and have to say I have fallen in love with this casino. Collecting medals and playing with a major goal in mind is such a refreshing experience, as it has allowed me to leave traditional quick fix gambling behind. If you want a fresh online casino experience, I recommended you sign up to Casumo sooner rather than later.