The biggest online blackjack mistakes revealed

Online blackjack is one of those games that is easy play but hard to master, or at least that is what many people would have you believe. The reality of the situation is that online and live dealer blackjack can be a successful venture should you know what mistakes to side step. Thankfully, figuring out what mistakes to avoid isn’t a mystery anymore, as this article is about to spell them out clearly.

Mistake No. 1 – Not understanding the rules of play

When I see this happen it drives me crazy. The moment you decide to log-on to an online casino and put your money down at the virtual blackjack table, ask yourself if you really understand what you’re doing. This mistake is actually made up of two parts. Firstly, a player needs to know the basic rules of the game first and foremost (you can learn most of them through While not every blackjack game carries the same rules, you must know the basic rules in general before you part with your money. Secondly, many blackjack games differ in everything from payout to dealer rules, which can throw a spammer in the works of your game plan. Remember, if you don’t know the rules of the blackjack variation in front of you it is advised that you don’t play it.

Mistake No. 2 – Ill discipline

It happens to the very best players from time to time, but it pays to keep it under control. Getting caught up in the moment and losing your cool leads to foolish errors that can prove financially costly. You may be asking what leads to ill discipline at the blackjack table in the first place, the answer is simple, it is almost always emotion. Whether it is the excitement of victory or the sadness of defeat, emotions lead to loss of focus and eventually ill discipline. You need to learn to take emotion out of the equation when you play and keep focus on odds, statistics, and strategy. Want to avoid ill discipline? Make sure you check your emotions before the cards are dealt.

Mistake No. 3 – Not Using a Playing Strategy

I’ll put it simply, if you only play on hunches you are simply playing to lose. There is absolutely no excuse to not use at least the basic blackjack playing strategy when you play online blackjack in 2015. The basis of the technique can be found within various books and can help you reduce the house edge tenfold. When you play online blackjack through hunches and random acts alone, the house edge is over 1%, when you play with basic strategy it is around 0.5%, need I say more?

Mistake No. 4 – Always Aiming for 21

Is it arrogance? Is it perfectionism? When I see players who become obsessed with hitting 21 every single hand, I simply call it foolishness. The key number in the game of blackjack is 21, but that isn’t actually the aim of the game. While hitting 21 on every hand would be nice, it isn’t going to happen. With each hand you should simply aim to work the odds and beat the dealer. Next time you play blackjack don’t become obsessed with 21, accept that it is a duel between you and the dealer, and play the cards on the table and nothing more.

Want to play blackjack online successfully? Want to be a winner more often than not? Want to increase your bankroll in the process? Then you need to pay attention to the above. Play with focus, play with strategy, and play the dealer, and you’ll find yourself winning at blackjack more often than not.

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